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and leave painful ulcers which are very difficult to heal. In
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use of the vegetables which the resources of the country supply.
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stagnation of the blood, and abnormal adhesiveness of the blood
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giving the appearance as if one strip of plaster three inches and a half wide had
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" On Tuesday, by violent effort, he was enabled to swal-
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great deal of delay in the operation, and I immediately un-
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and back again. In two others the development of permanent auricular
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When limited to the hands and feet it is usually called carpo-pedal
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canal. This is followed in a few years by one or more
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Nose and Throat” and “Malignant Tumors of the Nose
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tive and tender; the stools are {greenish and some-
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excited by mechanical irritation, such as a foreign body or a rough
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diack. Take a blunt knife and scrape off crust on sore, then apply
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CCXXI. Typhoid fever — Fatal from perforating ulcer of the intestine 926
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which are not then by any means as serious as when not pro-
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was found to have hypermetropia manifesta, 1-18. The injured eye to have 1-9,
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of Montclair, N. J., A. K Beach, P. R. Cortelyou, of Brook-
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this unfavorable aspect, Dr. Barbee addresses himself, by a circular, to
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made to an observation of Strabo, that the Lauro-cerasus produces
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instances, however, the patient, in addition, suffered from mild or
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finds that the addition of quinine or carbolic acid is useless.
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1 Boas, Ueber Darmsaftgewinnung beim Menschen, Centralbl. f . klin. Med., 1889,
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I frequently use calcium in the treatment of irritative disorders
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unless the predictions made are to be verified, some
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It is worthy of being remarked, that the light and heat evolved
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rent from any that had ever before presented themselves in the
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matory rheumatism is caused by a germ, but whether it
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selli, ovvero salla febbro ittero-ematurica da chinina.
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Distension of the pelvis and calyces of the kidney with urine,
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In conclusion, I have only to add how deeply I feel in-
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One of our obstacles was and still is how to tell the
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