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order to get rid of tightly adhering mucus : in fact, hawking

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Oct. 16, 1895); ' ' Deformed Pelvis" (pub. in Bulletin Societv Lying-in Hos-

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In complete fractures of the lower part, the point of the

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vital actions and altered bodily structures that require to be

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JOHN PUTNAM BATCHELDER was born at Wilton, N. H., Au-

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Fownes's Manual of Chemistry, Theoretical and Practical. A new

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ology in the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, and

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the Surgical Section, and at the Pan-American Medical

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taste in mouth ; skin moist ; discharges, every twenty or thirty

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toms. The exudations were also found to contain cocci and

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Diseases, 1906, Vol. XXIV, p. 241; " Infectious Dermatitis Gangre-

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* * (Honorary A.M., Rutgers College) . House physician of Charity

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can Institute of Homoeopathy. Edited by Richard Hughes,

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leaving of Ezra Wendell "broken in health and spirit," banished,

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palpebral and ocular. This treatment was continued for six

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the uncertainties of knowledge concerning one, and the multipli-

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fragments, the comminuted fracture by contact retains its

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America by the Church of England, in the year 1704, lo

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Dermatology in the medical department of the University of Buffalo ;

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established. It is said that they represent a tenth of the

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between the bodies of the youngsters as they stood in the

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— Hewetson (" Lancet ") advocates this as almost a specific.

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patient, I gave him arsenicam, which I later combined with iodine,

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pitals, New York City, and orthopedic surgeon to Manhattan State

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Phillips — sired by homceopathy, but damned by hypocritical

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discoveries. I trust he will follow up these studies, and publish,

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tive. It was not a maddening pseudo heroism stirred up

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ligature, nor great bleeding, and, being the firsi to apply

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Apparatus for Transport. — In many fractures the patient

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164. Tabetic arthropathy of the right knee and left ankle 353

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me. I asked them how much tea the child drank. " About two cups at each meal,

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The male practitioner draws his professional breath in

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unexceptionably pure article, obtained for certain chemical pur-

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pathological hypothesis by a pharmaceutical one.'* This is the