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Chairman of Board Richard E. Flood, M.D., 2116-22 Pa. Ave., Weirton 26062
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to the tailors, and 25 oz. to the weavers. The daily quantity of bread
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Medical Pi-ess — Nature — Wolverhampton Chronicle — Pharmacratieal
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arm — the brachial artery. In the cow, whilst recumbent, the
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about to be married should receive legislative protection from syphilis —
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is then to be kept quiet by the moderate use of opium,
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ing • to the patient, and of more perplexity and disappoint^
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for moderate magnification ; the flagella, however, could not
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fession only, out of some fourteen medical applicants,
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probably that part of the placenta which came -within the
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were established in different cities of Europe. Many lights in medicine
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* lu this connection it may be interesting to present the brief notes
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Ulcere that have existed some time are surrounded by thidcened edges,
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(Course Monitor). Sponsored by the American Academy
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was adopted. The man made a most ex- 1 in doubt about its nature, and this doubt is
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4th. The organic actions, the vital forces, and the circulation
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small dose of salts given each day. The patient's strength should be
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were exacting, and firmly kept The editor of The Lancet did not
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this cipher manuscript to Kircher. The letter, it will be observed,
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of all performed, and the patient was for a time fed per rectum.
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tests. A large number of these have been devised, all of which are
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Such a scheme would cost more than the present arrangement,,
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vised the substitution of the trocar with stylet, and suggested that a rubber
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are believed to be truths in medicine, and leaves its students
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drawal of the aid to the circulation in equalizing the
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colleges, attending lectures in German Universities, were disap-
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Treatment. — The indications of treatment are as follows: —
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respondents asking for information that we are capable of giving,
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mils ( c.c.) or more. It is safe to administer the ;,erum intravenously in large and repeated
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erythema. The multiform character of the lesions, the acute onset, the
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ing of typhoid patients. It used to be a, standing order to give
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nio ni6d.-quir., Madrid. 1883, xxix, 178-180. — Rej'nier
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