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where an incurable ulcer in the hand had been found to have

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scurvy and purpura as one and the same affection ; there

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Bacon, Charles G., Fulton, Oswego Co. (Eetired list.)

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unpleasant smell of bad fish, but it by no means destroys its

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those who have a feeble peripheral circulation. These are chiefly seen

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the first of these views I had reported the case of a woman fifty-

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tuberculosis the difficulty of inducing immunity constitutes the crux of

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mastication, because of their ignorance of its importance

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Leucocyte Count. — ^In a series of 150 cases the average count

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of careful eating, generally about four times a year, especially

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colpenrynter protects or after rupture substitutes the bag of

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sea-shore villages and pine laud settlements, in which the summer and

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Two longitudinal strips of cloth, with hooks on them, are to

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become so extreme that the blood was but imperfectly aerated,

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In manner and temper neurasthenic patients vary very much. I may

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Probably no one, however, can state that he has noted

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time between the oral administration of the drug in question and the

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May 25th. — Since last note has improved in respect to neuralgia. Owlnfi"

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nine months, and the whole number of deaths during that

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situated to the right of the umbilicus, and paroxysmal.

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night, J H. Emerson, H. C. Coe, Elizabeth Cushier, and

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In pregnancy there is, physiologically, an unustial susceptibility of the nervous sys-

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In a two-generabon. pennatal and postnatal fertility study in rats, doses of

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the hypogastrium. AVhen I saw him he described the pain as

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shrinking. Percussion over the vertebrae is not of much aid in apical

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temperature, except in specially severe cases, is seldom higher than 102 F.

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New York Ophthalmic and Aural Institute, etc. 67 pp. G. P. Putnam's Sons,

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■fluid-drachms to a fluid-ounce, sometimes increased to 1^

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the Isle of Skye. Caledon. M. J., Glasg., 1897-9, n. s., iii,

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ly or indirefHy, contracted the infection from the Biitifii.

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personal care, and some nursing, nursing homes house, feed,

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of oblivion on the ghastly failures of many early and

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13th of January it became necessary to perform supra-pubic puncture

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membranes and skins exert the greatest influence on the distri-

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being effected by a double lifting of the flank as in broken wind,

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The next meeting occurs at Aurora the first Tuesday in November.

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colitis sinistra, but it may occur in the transverse or descending colon,

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per cent, solutions of argyrol are then employed at short intervals