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1845 to September 1863, comprising a period of elgh-

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and mingle with it, and then be drawn downwards into the register near the

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1,000 c.c. urine daily. Bowels moved only after enemas.

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stored in the dwelling-house. Most of the houses . were

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B. Brown Henry, of West Newton, Pa., November 17. He was

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type of organism isolated by her was that of the Manila, or

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detected, extending from above the McBurney point and obliquely

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tracted a typical case of scarlet fever from a boy whom she was

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rise to a complete hyperplasia associated longed period of time. Methods of precau-

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illustrated his subject, cannot be surpassed in this country. But what

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flexion is made on one side; this is called the "identical collateral reflex."

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ment could be made about this point. As a rule, slighter

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paralysed side remains quite flabby and soft when put out,

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rounded, bulging, hardish tumor occupying the situation

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"It is not necessary for one to be able to calculate the eclipses to

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throw both the person and yourself on your backs. After many experiments, '

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to give the patient milk alone. For the first week, 3 pints in

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never refused to go to any case, however poor, or however deep

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have been performed in case of immediate danger of suflfo-

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doing much to prevent him from getting into that hope-

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narcosis. During sleep both tonic and clonic spasms

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ever, very properly be questicmed, whether a permanent and general

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rendering heroic services to the wounded. On his convalescence

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jerked forwards at every beat of the heart. This fact was ex-

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chief, . . . warranted or money returned." This exploit is said

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in the mouth, but when they were swallowed no changes

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or unintentional is. however, one of little scientific in-

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Boys," by Dr. L. A. Duhring, of Philadelphia ; " Report